Be Thou My Vision Lyrics

Be Thou My Vision, O Lord Of My Heart ;

Naught Be All Else To Me, Save That Thou Art .

Thou My Best Thought, By Day or By Night,

Waking or Sleeping, Thy Presence My Light .

Be Thou My Wisdom, And Thou My True Word ;

I Ever With Thee And Thou With Me, Lord ;

Thou My Great Father, I Thy True Son ;

Thou In Me Dwelling, And I Will Thee One .

Riches I Heed Not ,Nor Man’s Empty Praise,

Thou Mine Inheritance, Now And Always ;

Thou And Thou Only, First In My Heart,

High king Of Heaven, My Treasure Thou Art .

High King Of Heaven, My Victory Won,

May I Reach Heaven’s Joys, O Bright Heaven’s Sun !

Heart Of My Own Heart, Whatever Befall,

Still Be My Vision, O Ruler Of All .

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